This Swiss Startup is Trying to Take on Google

The application most used on our phones is the keyboard. On average, people are spending up to an hour a day typing. Modern keyboards we use today are still based on typewriters used in the 19th century and the most commonly used keyboards from Google and Microsoft are also arguably not that secure.

There is a new Swiss start-up called Typewise on the market. They are trying to rival the tech giants in offering a keyboard app that claims to be 100% secure. Typewise also allows you to type with four times fewer typos. They have special algorithms, so none of your data gets transmitted to the cloud or internet. This is why it is very different from pretty much any standard keyboard that you find in the market.

People may be hesitant to use apps like WhatsApp due to security, but when switching to a more secure messaging app they are using the same keyboard which may still siphon off all the data and send it somewhere else.

How does it work?

Typewise has a larger hexagonal keyboard and layout. They say it is easier to use (up to 33% faster typing speeds). The keyboard is predictive and works by using an AI technology. It corrects your mistakes and can predict your next words while also learning the user’s own slang or colloquial vocabulary.

The keyboard recognises over 40 different Latin-based languages, so you could type in English and in French in the same sentence without it autocorrecting or having to manually switch languages. This technology could become really powerful when it does not just predict the next word, but could one day perhaps predict the next sentence and even an entire paragraph.

Typewises’ goal is to licence its AI technology as an Application Programming Interface (API) and Software Development Kit (SDK) so that it can then power its technology across mobile, desktop and even brain-computer interfaces.

How to take on the tech giants

Google and Microsoft are also developing their own predictive text technology but Typewise believes there is a space for an independent provider that also has a different approach with privacy built in.

Currently the app is free to download but has a pro setting that allows use of additional features for a small monthly fee. Typewise started raising capital with a Kickstarter campaign and had a successful seed round in 2020 where it raised $1 million. They have since had a 400% revenue growth year-on-year.

The company hopes to grow ten-fold in the next two years.

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