GBO Think Tank is an advisory program where, in true GBO spirit, members help members by forming a panel which ​supports a fellow member in regards to a business case, question or problem ​they put before the panel.
Think Tank panel members are recognised experts in their fields and devote time and knowledge each month to support others.

​Think Tank Panel A

​Lawyer / GBO Dubai

​Company website:

​Nad Lawrence

​Fashion Designer / GBO Zürich

​Company website:

​Rodolfo Carpintier

​Investor / GBO Madrid

​Diarmuid McAuliffe

​Hotelier / GBO Dublin

​Claus Feldt

​Management Consultant / GBO Mallorca

​Jani Saarisivu

​​CEO / GBO Stockholm

​Think Tank Panel B

​Entrepreneur / GBO Berlin

​Company website:

​Carlos Rullán Vaquer

​Economist / GBO ​Mallorca

​Andrew Hughes

​Investor / GBO Madrid

​​Contact Email:

​Lætitia Slous

​Business Coach / GBO ​Paris

​Cato Rasmussen

​Business Advisor / GBO ​French Riviera

​Uwe Weinreich

​Founder / GBO ​Berlin

​Company website:

Think Tank Panel C

​Johanna Holldack

​Biotech Expert / GBO Berlin

​Company website:

​Howie Ross Valino

​Investor / GBO ​Amsterdam

​​Bertrand Petyt

​COO / GBO ​Monaco

​Tomaso Veneroso

​President & CEO / GBO ​New York

​Miguel Ángel Reyes Riera

​​Founder & CEO / GBO ​​Madrid

​Jürgen Walleneit

​Entrepreneur / GBO ​Berlin

​Company website:

Think Tank Panel D

​Jean Bernard

​Charity Expert / GBO ​Monaco

​Alvaro Porras ​

​Lawyer / GBO ​Madrid

​Michiel de Jongh

​Business Development / GBO ​Barcelona

​Hamlet Ramírez Marqués

​Hospitality Expert / GBO ​​Mallorca

​Gerald Huesch

​​​Senator / GBO ​Berlin

​Tommy Valtonen

​Architect & Investor / GBO ​Mallorca

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