The World’s Longest Flight Has Just Launched

Enjoy a midnight snack in Singapore, breakfast over Siberia, lunch over Greenland and breakfast yet again before the final approach to New York. This is what you can expect if you are booked on the world’s longest scheduled passenger flight from Singapore to NYC.

This new Singapore Airlines flight 24 first took off on 9 November, destination New York JFK. The flight covers 9,537 miles between the two airports in about 18 hours and five minutes.

The flight heads almost due north from Singapore, crosses over Cambodia and over the Chinese city of Chengdu, bisecting Mongolia and Siberia towards the Arctic. The second leg of the journey grazes Greenland and crosses Iqaluit in Baffin Island – a frequent diversion airport for long-haul flights.

The Airbus A350-900 is now scheduled to depart Singapore in the early hours of the morning, three days a week, and gets passengers to New York at 7:30am local time. On the return flight passengers can expect to fly an additional 35 minutes due to winds. Crossing the International Date Line means that passengers from New York will lose one day along the way.

The Airbus A350-900 has 42 business, 24 premium economy and 187 economy class seats. A one-way economy ticket costs approximately € 1,000, with premium economy 67 per cent more expensive. In business class, the fare will set you back about €3,100.

For Singapore Airlines, nonstop ultra-long services are the bedrock of their services and the key to the US market. This has been a challenging year for the airline industry, but there are some early signs of optimism about a recovery in air travel. Singapore Airlines will continue to ramp up existing services and reinstate other points as the demand for both passenger and cargo services return.

Singapore Airlines has flown nonstop to New York City before, but served Newark airport – three miles closer to the South East Asian city state. That connection was suspended at the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

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