Presidents selected for all active local GBO clubs

As a part of our constant development into a more professional club, we have from 1st of August changed the organisation of our local clubs in each city. One member in each local club has been selected as President and two other members selected as Vice Presidents. This forms a local club Presidents team with the purpose to focus on higher member satisfaction.

One important task for the Presidents team is to host all local events, in order to make GBO more of a “club for members – by members”.

The other main task for the Presidents team is to start dialogues with their members about ideas & opinions how the local club can develop and create even more value to the membership.

The Presidents in each city are in direct contact with the Head Office team in order to discuss and decide event structure, venues and other activities that the members are asking for. Also development in our member platform and mobile app is on the agenda in this new forum.

After the first year the local club members will elect the Presidents team through a voting process.

We are very happy to finally be able to turn more focus on the members in each local club, and a bit less focus on recruiting new members. Here you can see the members involved in this new organisation:

Link to see the local Presidents organisation and Head Office team:

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