GBO À la Carte Services

The members of Global Business Owners have asked us to start some extra services, in order to help them find the large business value inside the club. We have done so and we call it GBO À la Carte, a menu of services that comes with a small extra fee. All these services comes with our unique GBO result guarantee. Please fill in the form below and we will contact you to explain how the services work.

    We will interview you and get a clear view of what connections inside the Club you are looking for. We contact all GBO members with your request and send you the members that likes to talk to you.

    GBO have a special contract with Linkedin where we are allowed to send unlimited amount of InMails to selected target groups world wide. This is the tool we use to invite guests to all the local GBO clubs. We will help you create a campaign for your company, sending InMails to exactly your target group, which will create as many high quality incoming leads you like per month.

    Become sponsor for one of our Country Club Days and we will include the Connection Service before the event, a seminar presentation on the event day, a stand in the sponsor area, an activity at one of the Golf Trophy holes and receive the attendee list for your follow up activities. Your logo will be on our webpage, on the Country Club Day Polo and at the event on screens and printed material.

I hope you like to try one of our À la Carte services. Just fill in the form below for more information.

Best regards

Peter Redrin - GBO Founder


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