GBO moves to 100% virtual… for the time being!

Due to the coronavirus crisis, we are taking some measures aimed to keep us all connected and benefit from the many advantages that belonging to an international network such as GBO entails.

  1. Take part in the virtual GBO meetings. We will be rolling out virtual GBO meetings across all chapters during this week. Should this prove to be a successful initiative, we will hold cross-chapter meetings, allowing us the opportunity to meet members from other cities in our community.
  2. Use the new GBO app as much as possible to stay connected with members all around the world, not only in your local chapter! If you haven’t done so yet, please download the latest version ( and take advantage of networking from the palm of your hand!
  3. Use the discussion boards to engage with other members. Join the conversations, post new topics, respond to other members, discover proposals, news and opinions and so much more! Access it here:
  4. Use GBO Broadcast for free! We are offering 10 GBO broadcast services (included in our À la carte menu, for FREE! Send us your proposal for your live streaming session and the first 10 received with be held for free during the next 2 weeks. Each GBO Broadcast costs 2 credits, ensuring this is a great opportunity to learn more about this service and share your content with all the GBO community… and with all your own network!
    Take some time to watch the videos we have prepared for all our members: Go to
  5. Update your profile. A complete, attractive profile is very effective, so please take a minute to review and update it with full info, picture, descriptions to help others find you, etc.
  6. Send us your member to member offers! We are going to launch a new page on our website soon, giving all members the possibility to get a “Member to Member Offer” published. These offers need to represent a real value to other members (i.e. a discount, free shipping, extended payment periods, extra free products or services etc.). If you are interested in publishing an offer, please send them directly to
  7. Send us feedback! We love to hear from you, so this is a perfect moment to gather all your feedback on GBO, allowing us to keep making it a great club you want to be a part of.

And watch out for more details soon… including details of the “Sponsor a Start-up” program and our new “Member-to-member mentoring program”.

Stay safe and #ProudToBeGBO!

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