GBO grows outside Europe, Sao Paulo started in August

From August 2019 and forward a very ambitious plan to start a new local GBO club outside Europe every month has been started. Our Global Vice President Michaela Feudtner is responsible for this growth in Latin America, North America, Middle East and South East Asia the next coming months.

Anthony Seadon

First out was Sao Paulo which had its first lunch events the 6-8th of August. Our new local President in Sao Paulo, Anthony Seadon, was hosting the events with over 40 invited guests attending. After this first week we are now 10 new highly motivated members in Sao Paulo and the plan is to be 50 members before Christmas 2019.

We are very happy to see GBO grow into a truly world wide international business club, to the benefit of all members.

Here are the new local GBO clubs outside Europe that will be started before Christmas 2019:

September – Dubai
October – Singapore
November – New York

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