GBO August 2021 Newsletter

GBO + Womanthon Boosting Hackathon

On Friday, September 17th, GBO is partnering with Womanthon in this boosting hackathon, to keep empowering women and boosting female talent.

This will be a special day dedicated to promoting female leadership, and hacking personal stoppers & limitations. Womanthon is an inclusive and unique experience for business women, top-level executives, investors and entrepreneurs whose main objective is to give professional and personal support, through workshops, mentoring and coaching.

Click the link for specific details:  Sorry fellas, this one is for ladies only!

GBO’s Newest City Hubs 

The GBO Ambassadors have been working hard at developing new city hubs.  We are excited to announce that we have new members established in The Baltic Region, Canada, Cyprus and Hong Kong.

Meet our newest members virtually and in person at one of the upcoming meetings.  The GBO meeting calendar is filled with autumn events.

Moving to Noysi on September 1st

GBO is taking all messaging to Noysi on September 1st.   What this means is that all the current WhatsApp channels will be removed on this day.

We are looking forward to using Noysi because it will give us more versatility via meeting rooms, access to all city hubs chats, and much more.  It will also be integrated into the GBO website later this year.  All important club news will always be sent out via personal email also.  Contact if you haven’t received your Noysi invite yet. 

Click here for a short guide on how Noysi works. 

Member Matchmaking & Member Spotlight

In this section of our newsletter, you will find details about interesting projects, new business ideas, and matchmaking requests from members.  Remember to keep your personal contacts in mind when reading this section because if you may not be the right fit, someone you know just may be.

If you have something to share with the community, please contact directly with your request.

From Neal Makadooj, GBO Madrid

Ubuntu 360 is a smart crowdfunding user-friendly mobile solution that connects individual and corporate donors to sustainable projects in a transparent manner by means of a tracking dashboard with relevant KPI’s and budgets on a newsfeed so that donors know where their money goes to and how it will be spent. 

Ubuntu 360 is currently in tech development of the MVP and is sourcing suitable startups that are sustainable (such as sustainable farming, disadvantaged youth education etc) to pilot the MVP from 1 October 2021. The startup will need to have traction (second or third phase), and fulfils a need in communities that require sustainable assistance to improve the quality of life. In exchange for the collaboration, Ubuntu 360 will be funding €5000 to the selected project. If you are interested or are able to assist in any way, please contact Neal Makadooj on +34 666 947 903 or  

From Nacho Barraquer “el Gefe”, GBO Barcelona

Leadership is something of the past, it has died. The new generations, millennials and especially centennials, require different hierarchical superiors, the evolution of the leader who is called Chief Happiness Officers (Gefes).

This book has two parts, a wonderful novel over the last 60 years seeing the evolution of team management in parallel with the evolution of history and a second part with very useful content to immerse the reader in the world of organizational wellness management. A fundamental book for anyone who wants to succeed professionally today and in the future.  To purchase this book, click here.

Nacho Barraquer has an impressive experience in team management and expert in “happiness”. He has studied in big universities as ESADE, IESE or BOCCONI, worked in top companies such L´Oréal, BIC, PUIG or Jané. He has experience in 15 different sectors and has created 8 start-upd, one of them drove him to banckrupcy in 2012. He is the winner of Speaker Talent Spain 2019. For more information, contact Nacho at

From Christian Partarrieu, GBO Riviera

We make app virtualization easy! 

Inuvika’s software platform, OVD Enterprise, bridges business-critical Windows and Linux applications into the cloud and delivers them to users on any device without the cost and complexity of other solutions.

Our focus on simplicity has resulted in an integrated virtual workspace solution that deploys quickly, is easy to manage, and provides an exceptional end-user experience, all while lowering IT costs. 

Inuvika is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with sales and development presence in five countries. OVD Enterprise is available as an on-premise solution or as-a-service from partners in over 40 countries.

Contact Christian for more information:

From Philip König, GBO Berlin

I am looking for GBO members who would be interested in finding clients for my unique property (800m2) in the south of France which is for sale.

Maison Gilles is a unique property situated in the valley of La Répara, near Valence in the south of France. Crafted from local stone over 500 years ago, it has been both a home and a business since then.

Originally constructed as a silk farm supplying the French aristocracy, the property benefits from its heritage. Standing within 15000 m² of private land in the lee of a hill, Maison Gilles commands outstanding views of the stunning valley including the unique La Roche Colombe. The Maison’s position offers the same privacy, security and exclusivity today as it did in its inception.

The example schemes are in harmony with the existing structure and the local planning laws: a large pool, a new annexed building with another 200 m², and a subdivision into 5 independent units. The property is for sale as is, with the project and corresponding building permit, which should be issued by the end of the year. Maison Gilles is open for visits from the end of September 2021.

Hard-copy books with information about the property will be provided for everybody who has serious interest.  For more information, please register to receive a book:, or contact me directly via email:

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