GBO Celebrates in Mallorca

More than 60 members, families and guests attended the GBO500 celebration on November 2nd in Mallorca.
The sunny and warm day allowed for the event to start with lunch on the terraces of Bendinat Hotel generously organized by GBO member and Hotel Managing Director, Peter de Reus.
Members from 10 different cities were able to catch up, mingle and certainly make new business friends. Along with the many conversations around each table, the guests had the pleasure of listening to Henrik Jung Laursen, GBO’s co-founder, Richard Wikström, our global President, Michaela Feudtner, GBO’s vice President and Mallorca’s club President, Till Kraemer, who all gave many interesting and informative speeches about the future of GBO, presented new features for the club, and acknowledged GBO’s founder Peter Redrin, by wishing him a fast and safe recovery.
During the afternoon new members and guests arrived which filled up the restaurant in time for dinner. The event was a great platform on which many interesting discussions and friendships started

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