Frequently Asked Questions


​How will a Global Business Owners (GBO) membership benefit me?

After joining GBO, you will be part of a global community of other business owners, partners, founders, investors and executive decision makers. They all are looking for more productivity, more profitability but also more personal fulfillment. During our meetings they share their challenges, needs, opportunities as well as their business visions and strategies.

​What can I expect by becoming a member of GBO?

​You will find a wide variety of networking ​possibilities by creating business friendships, sharing knowledge and discussing ideas, thus ​providing the basis for new business opportunities, not only locally but internationally as well.

​In which countries and cities can I find GBO chapters?

We establish new city ​chapters almost every month. Currently there are GBO clubs in more than 20 cities, such as Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Cannes (Riviera), Dubai, Dublin, Edinburgh, Hamburg, London, Madrid, Malaga, Palma de Mallorca, Marbella, Milano, Monaco, Nice (Riviera), Rotterdam, Sao Paolo, Stockholm, Valencia and Zürich.

​How is GBO different from other clubs?

Through the numerous events, the socializing with fellow members is one of GBO’s strengths. Some business owners don’t have access to a platform where they can lay out issues, share ideas and knowledge or even get feedback from others. Here at GBO, we organize meetings which enables everyone to meet on a regular basis, where members can take the opportunity to challenge their thinking and challenge their ideas. Members help other members to make decisions on bigger decisions.

​Are there any ​further features GBO ​offers to members?

We have designed a menu of extra services for our members which can be chosen à la carte for an extra fee.
  • The Connection Service, designed to introduce ​interesting offers ​from members to the whole GBO community
  • The LinkedIn Campaign Service, ​allowing members the opportunity to target ​an audience outside of the club with a high precision campaign, designed, written and maintained by ​GBO.
  • ​The Seminar Platform, which gives members the opportunity to place a ​video of a presentation, talk, speech or webinar on a member-only access server, providing a continuous spotlight on their expertise and knowledge.


​Why was I invited?

You have been invited through LinkedIn, ​where your information matched with our requirements for a possible member. We believe you have the professional profile for our club and invite you to learn more about what GBO can do for you.

​​How many members does GBO have?

GBO ​currently has over ​600 active members worldwide. This number ​increases frequently of course as we grow with ​new ​chapters in cities around the world, ​whilst the established chapters continue to attract new members as well.

​What type of businesses are GBO members involved in?

​​Our members have various business backgrounds and come from a wide and interesting range of industries. We have partners of large law firms, high-tech start-ups, yacht brokers and fintech investors amongst our members, along with many other professions and industries. Part of being a GBO member is having the opportunity to learn and reflect about many different business models and specialties.

​​How much is the membership fee?

​​​The membership fee varies depending on the length of your chosen membership term:
1 year – 500 €
3 years – 1.300 €
5 years – 2.000 €

21 % VAT will be added to all invoices in Spain. 21 % VAT will be added to all invoices in the EU, unless a valid EU VAT Number (i.e. BE09999999XX) is provided with the invoicing details. All invoices outside the EU will be VAT exempt.

​Is membership renewed automatically after my chosen membership term?

​​​​No, GBO does not automatically renew memberships. At the end of the membership term each member is personally contacted. Members must agree to proceed for another membership term.

​​​​​Memberships are non-refundable. Each case will be reviewed individually, and extraordinary circumstances will be considered if appropriate.

As a GBO member, you may join any city chapters worldwide. Simply book your seat through the website or App. The members in other chapters are always looking forward to meeting fellow members in person!


​​​​​​​No, there is no minimum attendance required, however, in order to fully take advantage of what GBO can offer, we suggest you attend as many ​meetings and special events as you can.

​​​​​​​​Yes, the President or Vice President, who are also members of their respective city chapters, will host the meetings and will welcome and introduce you to the other members and guests present.

​​​​​​​​​There are many special events throughout the year, ​including ​exclusive member-only events organised by the local chapters, complimented by a yearly special activity event per city and the annual GBO worldwide member & family celebration, staged on Mallorca, the birthplace of GBO.

I was sent an invitation via LinkedIn, but I’m not a business owner. Can I still attend a meeting as a guest?

​​​​​​​​​​High-level ​decision-making directors, CFO's, partners and those intending to start a business within ​the next few months may also join GBO. We believe everyone has something to share that all members can benefit from.

​Do I have to pay for lunch or dinner?

​​​​​​​​​​​Yes, food and drinks consumed during the meetings ​are paid by both members and guests ​directly at the restaurant. Some cities have meeting places with a favourable set menu price and others offer ‘à la carte’ options where you can ​make your own selection. If you ​have any special dietary ​requirements, please make sure you mention it ​when you book your seat.

​​Which meetings are more popular - lunches or dinners?

​​​​​​​​​​​​Both lunch and dinner are equally popular. The members choose to join either one depending on their schedules.

Are there any pre-set topics or presentations during the meetings I need to prepare for?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​No. There will be an introduction ​around ​the table(s) ​to enable all attendees ​to find out more about each other and to start free flowing, interesting conversations. ​The local Presidents ​also organise ​occasional ​informative presentations on topics that are relevant to the GBO community.