Presidentes del club

La organización del club

Every local GBO club has a member who is elected as Local Club President, which acts in collaboration with our Head Quarters Team to ensure the local events are organised in a good way and that the local members are happy with the value from the club. Every President is supported by one or two elected Vice Presidents in order to be a team helping out hosting events and developing the local club.

Equipo de la sede central

The HQ team assists the Local Presidents with advice, organising of all events, member contact, attracting new members and ensuring a high member satisfaction.

Peter Redrin

Presidente Global

Viktoria Baranyai

Directora Global de Miembros

Kelly Taylor

Global Member Assistant

Presidentes locales

The Local Club Presidents are members who put a bit of extra time organising the events together with one or two elected vice Presidents. Together with the Head Quarters Team they ensure that all members and guests are well taken care of at events and that everything in the local club is done in the best interest of the local members and the value they expect.

Miguel Angel Reyes Riera

Presidente de Madrid

Joana Visa

Presidenta de Barcelona

Richard Wikström

Presidente de Estocolmo

Frank Bijl

Presidente de Rotterdam

Jonathan Holdaway

Presidente de Málaga y Marbella

Mariana Pimenta

Presidenta de Valencia

Carlos Rullan Vaquer

Presidente de Mallorca

Julia Meuser

Presidenta de Hamburgo

Victor Bischoff

Presidente de la Riviera

Jean Bernard

Presidente de Mónaco

Stefan Laux

Presidente de Londres

Philip König

Berlin Mitte President

Anthony Seadon

Presidente de São Paulo

Jens Tulsner

Berlin Charlottenburg President

​Dr. Alexander Brexendorff

​Dubai President

​Nad Lawrence

​Zürich President