Bienvenido a Global Business Owners
GBO is an exclusive but relaxed international membership club for experienced company owners, partners, founders and investors from many different industries, with a focus on knowledge, social values and business opportunities.
GBO currently has over 600 active members in more than 20 cities worldwide.
Each club has an assigned club President who hosts the meetings which are held in every city on a regular basis.
In every club, lunch and/or dinner meetings are organized, depending on the city. During these meetings we share knowledge, discuss ideas and create business opportunities for our members around the world.
Through the GBO online platform and mobile app, our members can connect with one another for personal meetings or one on one chats.
We have designed a menu of extra services for our members which is meant to help grow their business locally and internationally. Through these designed services, members can target the audience for their publicity with high precision.
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Our members have various business backgrounds and come from a wide and interesting range of industries. We have partners of large law firms, high-tech start-ups, yacht brokers and fintech investors among many others. Currently there are over 600 active members in more than 20 cities worldwide.
  • Global Business Owners | International Business Club

    “I am a co-founder of a consulting company that works in Spain and outside. GBO invited me and opened the door to its world, where support and friendship between businesses is the most precious value. We all are coming from different sectors and countries and through our diversity we complement each other.
    GBO is a world apart, an environment where we always can approach each other by sending a simple message, and it will be answered with a unique combination between willingness to help and encouragement. When dark clouds and storms are all around your endeavor, GBO would be there to remind you that it cannot rain forever and someone will give you a hand and will open you a door to a sunny horizon. GBO, perhaps consciously or perhaps unconsciously, inculcates the values of “The Three Musketeers and D’Artagnan” and stimulates us to be “One for all, all for one.”

    Bozhana Stoeva
  • Global Business Owners | International Business Club

    “I have been a member since spring 2019. I have attended approximately 6 lunches and every time I have met someone interesting with some connection to my business activities.
    At one lunch I happened to be seated opposite a person who was attending as a guest. I ended up recruiting her as CEO for one of the companies, which I am active in. So, my GBO membership has been highly rewarding for me.“

    Hans Blomberg
  • Global Business Owners | International Business Club

    “I had never realized networking could be this good. I work mostly alone in my business and now I have a group of friends and peers I can speak with who completely understand all the challenges of running your own business. Best network ever! The best people too.“

    John A Ball
  • Global Business Owners | International Business Club

    “I have been a member since the start of GBO in 2017. For me, the value of being a member becomes better and better every time I attend a meeting. The people who join the club are really interesting, both on a professional and social level. The club has given me a great network in a short amount of time and the selection is very good. When becoming a member, you feel that you already have done the due diligence when meeting fellow members. It is very easy to make contact, and everyone is open and willing to listen, and no questions are wrong. You feel that all fellow members are there to help move you forward in your business and social life.“

    Bo Gustafson
  • Global Business Owners | International Business Club

    “I am the owner of a larger investment company and support many entrepreneurs inside and outside Spain. I am a member since over a year and find Global Business Owners a very interesting arena where experienced business people meet, debate interesting topics and make connections on a higher level. The business value you find inside GBO is surprisingly high.“

    Rodolfo Carpintier
  • Global Business Owners | International Business Club

    “ I am the owner of a family office in Sweden. After almost 2 years as a member in Global Business Owners I have experienced a large business value, but also an equally large social value, with many new important business friends, both in my local club and internationally. Intelligent discussions and well connected people willing to help each other in a way I have not seen before. I recommend you to join as a member and explore the values GBO offer.”

    Hans Segerberg
  • Global Business Owners | International Business Club

    “I am co-owner of an international company in the automotive industry and also run my own marketing consultant company in Germany. I value the international as well as the local contacts inside GBO, the modern features of the mobile app and the one on one meetings with other members around the world. If you are active as member in this club, Global Business Owners will bring you a surprisingly high business value and great new friendships.“

    Sacha Hold
  • Global Business Owners | International Business Club

    “I am the owner of an international communication agency and also investor in a few companies in the Baltic region. The combination of the lunch and dinner events I can attend around the world and the membership platform where we all can communicate is really powerful. I recommend you to join as a member and enjoy the local and international business action inside Global Business Owners“

    Alexander Dmitrienko