Die Cluborganisation

Every GBO city chapter ​is headed by a member President team, which acts in collaboration with our Head ​Office team to ensure the local events are organised ​professionally and ​members are happy and active within their chapter. ​

Head ​Office Team

The ​​Head Office team consists of the Gast-Team and the Member Team. ​The Member Team ​supports the President teams with advice and guidance, the planning and organisation of all events, regular member contact, attracting new members and ensures high member satisfaction.

​Richard Wikström

Global President

Viktoria Baranyai

Global Member Manager

Sonia Tani

Global Member Assistant

Kelly Taylor

Global Member Assistant

Lokale Clubpräsidenten

Miguel Angel Reyes Riera

Präsident Madrid

​Javier Gesulado

Präsident Barcelona

Richard Wikström

Präsident Stockholm

Frank Bijl

​Netherlands President

Jonathan Holdaway

Präsident Malaga und Marbella

Mariana Pimenta

Präsident Valencia

​Till Krämer

Präsident Mallorca

Julia Meuser

Präsident Hamburg

Victor Bischoff

Präsident Riviera

Jean Bernard

Präsident Monaco

Stefan Laux

Präsident London

Philip König

Berlin-Mitte President

Anthony Seadon

Präsident São Paulo

Dr. Jens Tülsner

Berlin-Charlottenburg President

​Dr. Alexander Brexendorff

​Dubai President

Nad Lawrence

Zürich President

Piero Marchelli

Milano President