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GBO ​Monaco ​​is a ​vibrant and fast growing ​city chapter and counts both local and international entrepreneurs, founders and investors from a wide variety of business- and personal backgrounds as members.
​We meet for lunch or dinner, to support each other, engage in interesting discussions, forge new business friendships and create a powerful network not only in​ ​Monaco but, together with members in other city chapters, around the world. Special events in exciting locations and thought-provoking guest speakers provide additional networking and learning experiences.

Attend a meeting as a guest

Please complete the Guest Request form below as a first step to book your seat as a guest of GBO ​Monaco.
Attending a GBO meeting as a guest gives you and us the chance to get to know each other and is without any obligations. Please note that ​all guests and members pay for their own food and drinks directly with the Restaurant after each meeting or special event.

​Bookings need to be made with a minimum of 24 hours in advance of every meeting. It is not possible to attend a meeting without a confirmed reservation.

Why join GBO ?

Here are just 3 key benefits.
To find out more, please complete the Guest Request form below.

  • International membership across all chapters worldwide
  • ​Real, lasting and trustworthy business friendships
  • A business network that adapts to your needs,
    not vice versa

To find out more about the location, host, menus and times for each meeting, please click on a date in the calendar.

Due to t​he ​Coronavirus crisis with curfews and restrictions in many countries, ​all physical meeting dates are ​​cancelled until further notice

​In the meantime, many virtual GBO meetings are being held around the globe. ​Most are open to a limited number of guests.
Please ​complete the Guest Request form below ​to secure a space.
Thank you for your understanding!

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