GBO annouces a change in Management!

Global Business Owners is now moving forward and will accelerate the growth during 2020 into more cities internationally. We are already in plan to open New York, Paris and Lisbon in 2019. More cities to come during next year. GBO has had a fantastic journey and has grown from 12 members in Mallorca in the beginning of 2018 to almost 600 members as of today. The growth has been exponential and continues

The number of members that we attract, and the pace of the growth proves the magnitude and potential of Peter Redrin’s original idea. Business Friendship – to get to know someone in a relaxed environment and then fold out all the amazing possibilities of business value that these relationships have and that the GBO network and internet-based connection system open. A truly new innovative and creative way of approaching social media.

It’s not what you know – It’s who you know.

However, this almost impossible venture that Peter has developed during only 22 months and the work he has put into it have taken their tribute.

Peter is now in a situation where he has had the advice from his physicians to slow down and recover from the amount of work and care he has put into creating and building our amazing club. Therefore, Peter has decided to move the responsibility to me as new Global President and to Miguel Angel Reyes Riera, (President of GBO Madrid) as the CEO for the service organization behind GBO.

Both of us have worked closely with Peter in different capacities during the process and we will continue Peter’s legacy and safeguard that the original idea of business friendship is not diluted.

Peter will remain Honorary President of the club but will for now focus on recovering to better health. Please refrain from contacting Peter from now until he has recovered so that he can really focus on his health and his family – that is all that is important right now.

On a personal note-
I have had the privilege of working together with Peter for a short but very intensive period since I became a member of GBO and then the GBO Stockholm President and I am amazed by the creativity, knowledge and passion that Peter has put into GBO.

His vision of GBO as the business friendship club where the only basic rule is that if a fellow GBO member reaches out we will try to help, is fantastic and a great way to move forward in a world of conflicts and antagonism. I am honoured to shoulder this task and I look forward to interacting with you all in the years to come. #ProudtobeGBO.

I will attend the GBO 500 in Mallorca on the 2nd of November and I would love to meet you then.

Richard Wikström
GBO Global President
+46 705843206

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