Special Events in GBO Monaco: Guest Speaker and Debate dinners

The French Riviera of which Monaco is considered the Crown Jewell is the 2nd most visited region in the world. Not surprisingly, our GBO chapters FRENCH RIVIERA as well as MONACO are infused with amazing vibes.

With the opening of our 2 local chapters we are very excited to now give our GBO fellows worldwide an additional reason to visit and join us with inspiring Guest speaker and debate events every 2 weeks alongside our dinner meetings over the port of Monaco.

More than 50 guests and members registered our first meeting on Tuesday January 21st. With members and guests travelling from Zürich, Paris, Mallorca, Stockholm and St Barth, it was an exciting kick-off to our Special GBO gatherings in the Principality.

Our local members have developed most efficient car pooling habits that you may find very useful wherever you may choose to stay along the Côte d’Azur.

Good things are only as good as they can be shared. This club is your club and what we all make of it together GBO Monaco is your home away from home and we are looking forward to welcome you.

Le President GBO Monaco

To register for these event as a guest or member, please go to our meetings page and go to Riviera or Monaco here:  https://www.globalbusinessowners.com/meetings/

To join one of our meetings in any of the chapters as a guest, please visit our website https://www.globalbusinessowners.com

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