Tips to Help You Become More Resilient

Here are some practical ways to overcome whatever challenges life throws your way.

Resilience can be described as a heroic struggle, a battle which can be an ongoing process which lasts for years. Resilience most often times is not a character trait or something we’re born with. It’s not something we just “have” but rather something we need to learn and develop. Here are some tips on how you can become more resilient.

No matter what you’re struggling with, your struggle is valid

You should not be ashamed of what causes you stress. We may think that there are bigger problems in the world than what we are dealing with but we have to learn what our most common adversities are and see them as being legitimate chronic stressors.

Realize the ways you are already resilient

Ask yourself “What were the toughest times of my life?” Think about how you managed to get through those, and you will probably already know something about resilience.

Do not wait for the situation to fix itself

People who are resilient are normally active copers. They ask themselves questions like “What will I do about this?” rather than “When will this end?”. The issue may not be solved overnight however there is a way to approach every problem.

Know and utilize your strengths

Most resilient people tend to use the strengths they already have. For each person this is different. Some have a great personality, for others it is their work ethic or special talent. These people hold onto their strengths to get through their challenges.

You shouldn’t go it alone

One of the biggest predictors of overcoming adversity is having people who care around. Resilient people search out support. This can come in the way of a friend, partner or therapist for example. Those who are resilient use other people, rather than pretending not to need anyone.

Search for your favourite way to take a mental break

Books, music, spending time with friends are all great ways to take a mental break from a situation which can’t be solved overnight. Sometimes we are not able to fix a problem, but we can protect ourselves from becoming overwhelmed by it. Resilient people do fight back when possible but also know when it’s time to take a break.

Be kind to yourself and realize how challenges have made you stronger

People who face adversity in their lives do in fact become stronger. There are other factors that come into play of course, such as the size of the challenge, the amount of support received and personal coping mechanisms. But learning how to cope with stress allows us to also gain confidence and be better prepared should we face it again. If you focus on being resilient you will see yourself as someone who is even better prepared for life.

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