The À la Carte Service Menu offers a range of services designed to help you grow your business within and outside of GBO*1
Most of these services are free for our members. Feel free to browse through the various offers, including our very successful GBO Campaign service, which is now offered at a very competitive rate.

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Free À la Carte Services


Think Tank

Experienced business leaders and experts from a variety of educational backgrounds will help and support you during your project, no matter if it is an investor pitch, your plan to go digital, setting up a new supply chain or a new marketing strategy.

To start your own Think Tank, click on the link below.



Designed to introduce interesting proposals from members to the GBO community. Get access to all GBO members without having to contact them individually. Capture the attention of your fellow members with a tailored campaign text around an interesting proposal. All proposals are also displayed on the GBO website.



Book a live streaming session for your webinar or presentation which will reach interested attendees inside and outside of GBO! Your session can be streamed into various channels like Crowdcast, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram at the same time and will be announced, recorded and posted on the GBO website as well.

Paid À la Carte Services



300 € plus VAT if applicable

With our unique cloud-based tool, you can target your core and/ or new client/customer groups on LinkedIn through a high precision campaign, designed and maintained for you by GBO. To maximize on the momentum of your campaign, ask for a recommendation on how long your campaign should ideally run.

Campaign Plus

200 € per additional month plus VAT

Extend your sucessful LinkedIn campaign to maximize its potential. Each further month increases the percentage of replies and therefore the impact of your campaign. Additional months also give you the chance to fine-tune your approach and/or try different strategies. We will closely monitor your campaign during that time.

Campaign Leads

75 € plus VAT if applicable

Do you want to know more about your targeted clients or do you want to create an e-mail campaign aimed at exactly the right people? We will supply a list of over 2.000 relevant leads, created on LinkedIn according to your specifications. This can be booked with GBO Campaign or as a stand-alone service.


Exclusive 25% discount

With the digital business cards from our partner, be an example of what transforming a company means. Make business cards meaningful, friendly and useful. Create a completely new channel to inform your clients and providers about campaigns, promotions, call to actions, events.

*1 – GBO does not guarantee any results. The products on offer are unique opportunities provided for our members and some of the services are exclusively available through GBO.