Member Interviews at GBO Golf Trophy 2019

Our founder, Peter Redrin, is an international entrepreneur since 20 years and always had a habit to invite business people to dinners on his trips around Europe. This became increasingly popular and Global Business Owners, GBO, was started in November 2017. Today we are a growing business club with more and more cities in Europe active with members and monthly events.

Mission & Philosophy
GBO is an exclusive but relaxed membership club for experienced company owners, partners, founders  and investors with both knowledge, social value and business opportunities in focus. Our philosophy is to build long term business friendships and to create opportunities between entrepreneurs and company leaders. Our mission is to open and grow local clubs in a network of cities around the world connecting interesting business people.

Our motto: "Quality in the people you meet is more important than the quantity"

The GBO Lunch & Dinner events
We organize lunch & dinner meetings in many major cities, to facilitate interesting conversations, exchange of ideas and create significant value for each member. Between the meetings our members have one-on-one contact to create the business value, share connections and help each other land contracts, start projects and organize investments. Our online member platform is an important tool for the business contacts between the members on our webpage and mobile app. (see event calendar)

Our Members
We are growing with more and more interesting and well connected business owners, partners, founders and leaders. Our privacy policy makes it impossible for us to show you our member list, but here you can see a few testimonials and member interviews. (see Testimonials)

Our Networking Member Platform
Our members can read about each other, connect and create business discussions and opportunities inside our login area. Login through the webpage or download our mobile networking app. When you are logged in you find all the other members, contact them and book the events you like to attend internationally. (see Networking Member Platform)

Where do we have local clubs?
GBO is active with members and meetings in a growing number of major cities. We are starting local clubs in major cities every month in collaboration with our members. In the top menu under "Cities" you find our local GBO clubs.

How are we organized?
GBO is operated through a service company based in Spain with our founder Peter Redrin and a number of GBO members as owners. Our Head Quarter Team supports local Presidents to organize events and create member value in the Club Organisation. To make sure we constantly grow with more members and cities, our Guest Team invites guests through Linkedin to all local GBO clubs. The members also help out with our growth by inviting their best business friends. The Guest Team and Club Organisation are supported by our Advisory Board, a group of long term experienced GBO members.

How to become a member?
When you receive an invitation you are allowed to join one of our lunch or dinner events as a guest. In this way you can try out our concept and feel how it would be if  you were to become a member. After you have attended as a guest you need to say yes or no to become a member. When you say yes to become member our Head Quarter Team and your local GBO president will help you get started with your profile in our platform and networking. (more about the membership here)

Just sign up the form below and we will contact you back for more information.