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Global Business Owners (GBO) is an international membership club for company owners, partners, founders and leaders. You will find high level but relaxed business networking between people from many different business areas.
We invite our members & guests to lunch and dinner events every month. Our philosophy with these events are creating new business friendships, exchange of knowledge and valuable opportunities between interesting business people.
In our member platform, with login through our webpage or mobile app, you can find all members, start one-on-one talks and book a seat at any of our events around the world. We are constantly growing with more cities and members.
We are active in a growing number of cities world wide, with members and regular lunch & dinner events. A local club has a President team, members, monthly events and invited guests.
We have several member services aimed at helping our members to grow their companies locally and internationally. We are constantly developing new services our members are asking for.
Our members are experienced business people from different fields, normally owners of companies with 2-100 employees. Here you can read a bit more about them and see some testimonials.
  • Global Business Owners | High Level International Networking

    “I am the owner of a larger investment company and support many entrepreneurs inside and outside Spain. I find Global Business Owners a very interesting arena where experienced business people meet, debate interesting topics and make connections on a higher level. I recommend you to join as a guest to see this for your self.“

    Rodolfo Carpintier
  • Global Business Owners | High Level International Networking

    “ I am the owner of a family office in Sweden. After attending the first dinner as a guest to Global Business Owners the nice and interesting people surprised me. Intelligent discussions and well connected people willing to help each other. I recommend you to join as a guest before you take your membership decision, I know you will enjoy the concept.”

    Hans Segerberg
  • Global Business Owners | High Level International Networking

    “I am part owner of an international company in the automotive industry and also run my own marketing consultant company in Germany. I value the international as well as the local contacts, the modern features of the membership platform and the connection service from the Global Business Owners team. If you are active in this club Global Business Owners will bring you both business value and great new friendships.“

    Sacha Hold
  • Global Business Owners | High Level International Networking

    “I am the owner of a Spain based communication agency and also investor in a few companies in the Baltic region. The combination of the lunch and dinner events where we have a nice time among the members and the membership platform where we all can communicate and help each other both locally and around the world is really interesting. I recommend you to join as a guest to get a feeling for Global Business Owners“

    Alexander Dmitrienko

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